Entry Title: " WoRTKoeRPER und KoeRPERWoRTE (WoRDBoDIES and BoDYWoRDS)"
Christine Tauber
, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Category: Performance, Professional

Entry Description:

A sentence is a fixed system. The word is an exact signification of the contents and helps to build a sentence. Taking a word out of the context disturbs the order and changes what sentence wanted to
say. The gap between the words of a text makes it possible that new sentences and bodies can develop. Permit the language of the body and wait of the reaction from the body to the word. It is a
journey under and over the skin (Words are build out of fur-textile), below and above the word and sentence. In 20minutes-performance I take photo after itch sentence as memory.

About the Artist:

Christine Tauber is born in Switzerland to Austrian parents. She completed a one-year applied art course at the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel/Switzerland (1992-93), graduated with a BFA from the Gerrit
Rietveld Akademie, Amsterdam (1993-97), and followed a two-year artist residency (postgraduate) at the Rijksakademie van beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam (1998-99). Tauber has participated in several solo
and group exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad. Christine works in various media, including installation, video, performance, photography/slide, drawing, text. She lives and works in Amsterdam.