Entry Title: "Red Blood #1"
, Saitama-si,,Japan
Category and Expertise: Illustration, Professional

Entry Description:

51" x 31"/ADOBE Illustrator CS3/3.1MB
This work was drawn only by Bezier curve. I want to express the person's inside in my works. And I wants to be able to draw a picture that shakes person's mind like a music.

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I was born in Saitama Prefecture, JAPAN. After I dropped out from Waseda University, career as freelance illustrator starts in 2003. I produce the illustration of the magazines, the advertisements, a mural, and so on. I hold much live painting, private exhibition and group exhibitions too.

I do not choose tools to draw the picture. I paint pictures by a pencil, pastels and acrylic colors. And I often draw the picture with the computer recently. I use "Bezier curve" when I draw the picture with the computer.
When drawing the picture with acrylic colors or pastels, it will rely on a lot of external elements such as blots and blurring. But the picture drawn by "Bezier curve", most elements of the work are decided to the drawing person. I am not interested to draw the picture with a painting software because it is just mimicry of drawing the picture with pastels or acrylic colors.
I think that the soul of the drawing person stays the work drawn only by Bezier curve that is just information of a simple line and it is beautiful.