Entry Title: "FAMILY TREE"
Glen Erler
, LONDON,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Family Tree is and has been the exploration of a lifetime of memories. This project has been a way for me to revisit my past and to explore the people and places that were present and significant in the shaping of my life to present. These images represent both the events that had a serious affect on my families lives and also the beauty of the mundane or ordinary we all took for granted while growing up. A portrait of my Aunt Holly holding a photograph of her daughter Dinah who past away from AIDS. A still life of a small cluster of weeds where my dad and I crashed on a motorcycle when I was 8 years old to a photograph of the window to the bedroom where I had sex for the first time at my brothers house. There are more than 100 images so far documenting these moments of significance. Photoworks has published an article on Family Tree and they will be publishing Family Tree as a monograph. Date to be announced.

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As a photographer Glen Erler has accrued a rich body of work documenting the poignant beauty of adolescence and the forthcoming project titled Family Tree to be published by Photoworks. With over 20 years experience as an established commercial photographer, artist, lecturer & tutor in Europe & the USA, his work has spanned advertising, portraiture, public & private commissions & editorial for some of the worlds most respected mastheads. Glen resides in London England.