Entry Title: "Flesh & Plastic"
Julianne Rose
, Paris,France
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Flesh And Plastic looks at identity, projection made by adults through infants and the disturbing confusion between personal projection and reality. Children become little dolls while dolls seem to possess more life than the children from whom they are modelled.
Flesh And Plastic pushes to extremes the aesthetics of toy makers, revealing the child as both a consumer of objects and a child-object in a complex and uncomfortable paradox of illusion and disillusion.
The initial awareness of beauty and perfection, accompanied by a deeper disturbing vision, questions the confusing boundaries related to ones own perception of identity. Dimensions 80x120(2x60)

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Julianne Rose is an Australian artist who has lived and worked most of her life in Paris.
Her first solo exhibition in Paris, 2006 immediately launched her as a reference in contemporary photography, inspiring numerous collections such as the National Foundation for Contemporary Art in France and critics like Dominique Baqu (Art Press) who included Juliannes work inside and on the cover of her recent book Visages editions Regard 2008. Lune des expositions les plus stimulantes quant la figuration du corps fminin, entre alination et rsistance,fut, nen pas douter, The Flesh and Blood Toy Store de lAustralienne Julianne Rose. Nul hasard que Julianne Rose ait pralablement travaill, sur commande, pour la mode et publicit : son uvre photographique protiforme se veut une rflexion active et corrosive sur la modlisation du corps de lenfant, les codes de la normalit, les processus -explicites ou occultes- de formatage et dalination du corps fminin dans les socits industrielles avances)
Julianne Roses somewhat controversal work , simultaneously beautifully esthetic and strangely disturbing , has been exhibited in shows at the Palais de Tokyo and the Australian Embassy in Paris, several gallery exhibitions and international atfairs such as Slick, Scope, ArtBasel, Bridge, Photo Miami, Paris Photo, Art DC.
Using photography and other media relating to image, Julianne looks primarily at identity and more specifically the uncomfortable fissure between natural and manufactured identities.
As a consequence of many years of experience in advertising and fashion, initially a successful model and later a professional photographer, she is compelled to insistantly question the paradoxal topics related to humain and material values and interrogates issues concerning corporal representation in modern societies.
The ambiguity and confusion between inanimate objects and people, children and adults, the object and the objectified, blurs into a simultaneousely attractive and disturbing kaleidoscope of reflected identities, the incongruous intersections between certitudes and doubts, incontrovertibly stimilating, but deeply perturbing our senses.