Entry Title: "Berlin Haushoch"
Alexandra Bald, Ana Lessing, Esra Rotthoff
, 10245 berlin,Germany
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Berlin has many faces. Nowhere does its diversity show more prominently than in its 23 different districts. BERLIN HAUSHOCH adds a fresh feature to the citys versatility. In each issue, the award-winning magazine BERLIN HAUSHOCH dives into the depths of one of these urban microcosms and reels in new prospects of a metropolis to be manifested within its pages. After Marzahn and Wedding, the 3rd issue portrays Charlottenburg. The everyday aspects as well as the particularity of this district are presented via photography, illustrations, texts, and a graphic language that is visually referential to its specific surroundings.

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Alexandra Bald, Ana Lessing and Esra Rotthoff are a young Designer and Photographer group from Berlin. They met at the University of the Arts in Berlin when they started
their studies of Visual Communication. Together they created their award winning magazine Berlin Haushoch. This year they officially opened their Berlin-based design-studio Haushoch.