Entry Title: "Exile into Solitude"
, SAMSUN,Turkey
Category and Expertise: Painting, Professional

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Acrylic on Canvas,149x149cm,Exile,is concept of my last exhibition." Exile into Solitude" is important part of the Exile series. She adopts the universal phenomenons like birth, death, life and motion with the countercurrents of paintings abstract expression and makes death usual, life dynamic and movements clear. In a sense, she prefers to imprison us into her paintings which makes us meet our inner selves..K.Istanbul

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2005 Became an Associate Professor.

1994-98 Received "Proficiency in Art-PhD." Degree at Ondokuz May University presented her thesis, the topic of which is "The Drawing education as a practice that can be developed from the objective determination techniques to the subjective expression in visual expression". Appointed as a member of faculty at the same department.
1991-94 Received M.F.A. degree at Ondokuz Mayis University, completed the thesis "The View of Samsun Public to the Painting Art"
1992 Appointed as a research assistant to the Department of Painting, Ondokuz Mayis University.
1991 Graduated from Ondokuz Mayis University, Department of Art, Faculty of Education.
1970 Born in Tokat, Turkey.

She is a member of international Association of Art. She is still working in the Fine Art Department of Ondokuz Mayis State University as an instructor.