Entry Title: "Reconstructed landscape"
Piljoon Jeon
, London,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:

As landscape is used more generally to indicate the overall environment surrounding us, it has as its object the totality of all possibilities of visual focus. Without consideration of its relation to nature, landscape is concerned above all with visual perception itself. Through research on various themes in Canaletto's paintings and by designing a virtual space derived from the original space of his pictures, landscape painting appears as an architectural site implying a series of intrinsic spatial properties. Looking through the virtual model, the spectator could find the hidden visual landscape of Venice - a city that can only be properly observed by taking multiple and diverse points of view in motion.

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Pil Joon Jeon (b.1976) is an architectural designer from South Korea, currently based in London, UK. Trained at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (London, UK) and Hongik University (Seoul, South Korea). He has explored methods of advanced digital design which seek to incorporate a poetic language of geometry into a depth of architectural formation. He is currently working for Llewelyn Davies Yeang (London, UK).