Entry Title: "In-Between"
Shin Jung Pan
, Taipei,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

This is a process that how I construct recollection. I have rearranged remains of the ruins, making them as that somebody still live there. Its a really Archaeology of history and an imagination of the Ruins

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BA. National Taipei University department of Law /

M.A. National Taiwan University department of Law /

Ph.D. Candidate National Taiwan University Department of Civil Engineering


The Selected Award of Kaohsiung Fine art Awards 2006 /

The Grand Prize in Nature category of Taiwan area of National Geographic International Photography Contest 2006 /

The Grand Prize of Taiwan Emerging Photographic Artist Award, 2006 /

2009 PX3 Advertising non professional Advertising - 3rd place Beauty /

2009 IPA Non-Professional Honorable Mention