Entry Title: "Achetypal Writing"
Tara Cronin
, United States
Category and Expertise: Other, Professional

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This is a photo from my ongoing project, Archetypal Writing. This project developed from my personal obsession with rhythms, sounds and writing. I first began to appraoch this subject by creating a symbolic language which expresses the tics and taps which are a manifestation of my Tourettes syndrome. As I developed the language on paper, I began working with my partner on researching the origins of writing in haruspex, oracle bones, entrails and hieroglyphics. As the project has developed, I have added an image superimposed upon the written notations to connote an idea which goes with the sounds and rhythms. Inspiration for this idea comes from two forms of writing found in pictorial with their corresponding symbolic/phonetic scripts. The final goal of this project is to produce a new translation of the Book of the Dead. My partner and I discovered Egyptian is script for ancient Chinese and possibly proto-german.

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