Entry Title: "NUDE FRUIT"
Karleena Mitchell
, Melbourne,Australia
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

Condoms; seeds, grains, pulses, herbs, dried fish, tea, coffee, salt

The Nude Fruit installation started with an individual piece spraying expanding foam into condoms - making a penis of foam and beans and seeds, reverting to childhood play. Now Im old enough to not care about boundaries, I can be disrespectful, deliberately mocking, can explore the forbidden. Then I could see the collective objects taking on new meanings in Asia especially, but really in most societies, food is a strong element of cultural identity, food is synonymous with culture. These nude fruit then, made from grains and pulses and various other foods represent the cultural diversity which is our world. They vary in colour and texture and shape, but they are more the same than they are different. They transcend geographic and nationalistic boundaries. And they transcend time for centuries these symbols of fertility, the lingam and the seed, have promised new life, hope and new beginnings

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