Entry Title: "Falling Through Time"
Barbara Cole
, Toronto,Canada
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

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Falling Through Time is a complex arrangement of past and present, one that draws on personal and collective history, myth, and the porous nature of time in the distinct, contemporary style for which the artist has become known. Coles project began 20 years ago, when, while traveling, the artist became enamored with the incomparable gardens of England. She was inspired by their romantic ambience: whimsical lattices, wiry brambles, and lush roses, all overseen by classically inspired statues, impossibly weightless despite their stone medium. Capturing these spaces with her Polaroid SX-70 film, and later manipulating the malleable photographic surface to painterly effect, Coles documentation resulted in a series truly romantic in both history and conception. Still, Cole felt that the project was somehow incomplete; her English garden series was stored away, and soon forgotten.
Falling Through Time is a resurfacingof not just time and place, but Cole too, who collaborates with a past

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