Entry Title: "Bug Transport, Park"
Todd Bradley Todd Bradley (1970, Detroit, USA) is a contemporary photographer currently residing in San Diego, and Palm Springs California. His work concentrates on nature, and urban decay. Often showing quirkiness, Toddâ
, San Diego,United States
Category and Expertise: Photography, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

Miniature figures were what I turned to when embarking on a project to explore my child-like mind. For reasons unknown, I have always kept a toy dinosaur in my possession from being a child onwards to today. He moves around the house, currently he resides in a pocket of my weekender bag. And I should add, I have yet to photograph him. I guess its a porthole back in time to my youth. That dinosaur was reminder of sorts to not be so serious all the time, and be more child-like in my imagination. Bug Transport is the silly thought, What would it be like if bugs were the size of Live-stock and we road them around for transportation?

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