Entry Title: "Tippy Tippy Tap Tap"
Smrita Jain
, United States
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

Tippy Tippy Tap Tap is Smritas childhood game, playful, colorful and engaging, involving creating a paper origami structure that supposed to define whats your luck. With all the trials and tribulations Smrita has faced, personally and professionally, she realized that life achievements is truly based on 99% hard work and 1% percent luck. And to prove this credo in her life as an artist, she decided to create an art installation using paper origami technique with different colors showcasing every color and every moment of life important. The number of recycled paper used to create this installation is dependent of the space. The picture below as shown, required more than 5000 sheets of recycled paper cut in square in order to create the folded structure. Using a thin stainless steel nail, each paper folded structure is nailed to the wall, with slight delicate punch.

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