Entry Title: "SET|OPERA"
NEO [Narrative Environments Operas] by Fabia Molteni, Cinzia Rizzo and Franco Rolle
, Italy
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

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It is evening when Floria Tosca sings the aria Vissi darte, vissi damore, an intimate piece, a reflective interlude that appears in the midst of the frenzied events in Puccinis opera, and it is an evening landscape, illuminated solely by the almost cold moon-like lights of 6 videoprojectors that "SET|OPERA" is set, more than an exhibition, it is an "aria", a movement inspired by the changing flow of life.
SET|OPERA is a participatory project where it was asked, to those who have attended Studio Azzurro (an Italian artist atelier founded at end of the 70s), to choose an object through which to represent themselves. A map of the connections was drawn between objects revealing links, proximity, contamination. The light of the projections invests the objects, arranged along a rectilinear space. The video graphic elements animate them changing their appearance over time.

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