Entry Title: "Beautiful Again"
J.T. Burke
, South Pasadena,United States
Category and Expertise: Illustration, Professional

Entry Description:

My images reflect interests in unique items from the physical world and notions that are dear to Mans soul. I use collected objects to create fantastic compositions that represent intangible human desires, myths and philosophies.

My work contains color, light and figure that are all generated by the energy of thousands of small images. The result is ornate and exuberant, and tells tales of life forces unbounded by reality. My compositions are influenced by a variety of artists and mediums, contemporary life in a large metropolis, twelve years of Catholic schooling and by my advertising art background.

I explore the human obsession with Paradise. In my own mind, my images speak to concepts of beauty, afterlife and mans role in the universe. Costume jewelry and brass figurines are the building blocks of my works; they are a tangible representation of Man-made beauty, just as Paradise is its ultimate portrayal.

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