Entry Title: "Plywood Bed"
Nicholas Rose
, -Copenhagen ,Denmark
Category and Expertise: Product Design, Professional

Entry Description:

The Plywood Bed is a modern Danish bed design; the minimalist expression is strong, steady and still light weight.
Construction of the bed is elegantly decodable within its design.
The Plywood bed is made of Birch Plywood, and consists of 8 parts; 2 sides, 2head/foot and 4 legs.
Assembly is made simple with use of just 20pcs. M6 screws.
The choice of plywood is due to the materials strength, fine lines on the edges and the minimal waste in production.
The bed can be fitted with most bed slats and mattresses.
Plywood Bed is offered in a variety of designs Birch, Oak (NEW), Black stained and white Laminate (NEW).
The bed is also offered as a Special "Bunk-bed"(Double-Decker) version for children. The Bunk bed consists of 2 single beds and a Bunk-bed set(ladder, tall legs and sides).
Once the bunk-bed has earned its purpose, it can be re-altered into two single beds.

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