Entry Title: "ONA "
Vojo Narancic FAIA is an accomplished architect with extensive experience in design. He has received numerous awards for his design work and has been published in national and international magazines and trade journals. In
, United States
Category and Expertise: Product Design, Professional

Entry Description:

ONA ( Serbian for She ) is both sculptural and functional form that compliments traditional and modern environments equally. A lounge chair designed primarily for indoor use, ONA capitalizes on the natural strength of carbon fiber material from which she is formed as well as the double curve geometry which offers additional strength and a comfortable, curve hugging seat.

A seamless blend of technology, form and function, ONA is just 5 mm thick and weighs in at 17 pounds, yet has the capacity to hold more then average person's weight. The woven pattern of carbon fiber is visible due to the clear glossy finish that contains UV protection.

ONA's aesthetic simplicity is the end result of a complex had made production which is pushing the material capacity to the limits to achieve the desired form and practical goal of comfort.

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