Entry Title: "Stuck Toothpicks"
, Greece
Category and Expertise: Graphic Design, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

One of the most embarrassing things to happen is to get food stuck in your teeth, especially when you are out on a first date and want to make a really good impression. Where ever you are, toothpicks may not be readily available. That's where "Stuck" comes in. Brightly-colored boxes contain individual paper folders, each with 3 flavored toothpicks.
STUCK is a fun brand for toothpicks. The name and also the design of the packages are inspired from the ultimate insight: We use toothpicks to get rid of the food that's been stuck between our teeth.
The logo is made from two teeth and a piece of lettuce between them. The design of the package represents the mouth and the teeth in a minimalistic and a little bit caricature

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