Entry Title: "VDNKH Architectural Projection Mapping"
Werewolf & Unstable Creations
, United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Digital, Professional

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Entry Description:

As a collaborative effort, Werewolf teamed up with Unstable Creations to combine our skill-set in design and technology to produce a piece or work and animation we all could be proud of.

The work was a 3D audiovisual projection mapped showcase to be featured in Moscow's International Circle of light Festival over 5 days from the 23rd - 27th of September.

The project pushed us to be more experimental with the parameters that we set for ourselves and to utilise the boarder skills of the collaborative teams.

The result was an ultra-clean, colorful and dynamic audio visual experience to a crowd of tens of thousands of people of the duration if the event, which was also broadcast online internationally during the festival.

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