Entry Title: "Plastic Ocean"
Zi Xi Tan (MessyMsxi)
, Singapore,Singapore
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

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Entry Description:

For the Plastic Ocean exhibit, more than 20,000 plastic waste that had been collected, hang motionless in the space. The installation illustrates an ocean that is highly cluttered with plastic that takes 1,000 years to degrade. Yes, every thoughtless flick of plastic into your dustbin may contribute to the swirling mass of plastic drifting across our oceans. If we humans have already produced more plastic within the past ten years than the whole of the last century, will this plastic ocean be a microcosm of the future state of our marine landscape?

The installation seeks to scrutinize our daily consumption of plastics and reflect the negative effects we have made on our environment. I hope to reinforce empathy and consciousness for our underwater creatures and landscape. Immersed in this poignant installation, I hope that visitors would be drawn to reconsider their personal waste and how unsustainable our culture of convenience is.

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