Entry Title: "Seaside We Float"
Cathy Carter is a photographic and installation artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2010 she graduated from AUT University with a BVA in photography, followed by MAD (Hons) in 2013. Cathy has been a finalist in the
, -Auckland,New Zealand
Category and Expertise: Photography, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

Carters interest in photographing seascapes centres on an inquiry as to how humans interact with the sea as a physical, cultural and social landscape. Her work references artists like Richard Misrach and Massimo Vitali in asking questions about our interactions with bodies of water and what these interactions mean both for our interior, personal worlds as well as our consumerist cultural and social structures as our natural world continues to be challenged under our stewardship
Seaside, We Float, is part of a new series in which she positions the viewer as arial voyeur, an inherently contemporary, drone-like perspective. This provides a detachment and space to further observe our diverse relationships with the seashore. There are many dynamics at play within this sensual space of pleasure and performance. The work examines the absurdity and vulnerability of humanity within these fluid spaces, of relaxation, pleasure, leisure, escape and fantasy.

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