Entry Title: "Voices of our Time: Peggy Noonan"
Hayes Henderson and Kris Hendershott
, United States
Category and Expertise: Graphic Design, Professional

Entry Description:

This poster was designed to promote the Voices of our Time speaker series, with featured guest speaker Peggy Noonan.

The Wake Forest campus community (students, faculty and staff) and greater Winston-Salem community. Beyond generating awareness for the event, we wanted to capture the attention of our audience by effectively representing the tenor of what Ms. Noonan would be addressing in her remarks, placing it within the timely national conversation for this presidential year.

Our primary goal was to promote attendance through awareness and a thought-provoking image. We feel we achieved that goal due to the fact that the event was filled to capacity (with a representative group of faculty, staff, students and members of the community) and required an overflow area to accommodate those who could not fit into the main venue.

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