Entry Title: "Nobel"
Provinsen & Harald Fossen
, Norway
Category and Expertise: Video and Film, Professional

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Aksel Hennie (The Martian, 2015) is the leading actor in NRK's new major drama series "Nobel", where he plays a soldier in the Norwegian special forces. The series is a modern war drama from the creators of "The Heavy Water War" and "The Half Brother".

Nobel gives a insight into Norwegian soldiers' reality serving in Afghanistan. Two worlds collide, as the war is brought back home, challenging the image of Norway as a safe and peace loving nation.

Provinsen has made this intro in close collaboration with the film maker Harald Fossen. We have composed each and every clip using several still-images, and carefully animated some of them to bring life and "super-reality" to the pictures.

Music: Ary
Still Images: Eirik Evjen

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