Entry Title: "Bustan Arabic typeface"
Mamoun Sakkal, Jamal Bustan
, United States
Category and Expertise: Other, Professional

Entry Description:

Bustan is a new Arabic display typeface inspired by Kairawani Kufic and cursive Sunbuli, notable for its compact compositions. Bustan has updated proportions and details, and is distinguished by its traditional serenity, modern aesthetics, and a rich set of letter variants.

This makes it ideal for a variety of applications including logos and monograms, titles of newspapers and specialty magazines, and for book covers. It can be used also for jewelery design, product packaging and greeting cards among other uses. The grace and variations of the letter forms make Bustan the ultimate typeface for artistic compositions.

Bustan is the result of collaboration between the Syrian calligrapher Jamal Bustan, the designer of the typeface, and Dr. Mamoun Sakkal who carried its development in his studio, Sakkal Design, in Bothell, Washington. The programmer was Aida Sakkal.

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