Entry Title: "Gerila"
About the Artist(s) Name: Agrin Loftallahzadeh Born: 1986 Country: Iran Nationality: Iranian Address: No 22, Bayat Alley, Saheli Street, Divandarreh, Kurdistan, Iran Postal code: 6641855443 Mobile phone: 0098-935-9
, Iran
Category and Expertise: Painting, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

The reaction to the presence of woman in social activities, is discrepant in different localities in contemporary world. These discrepancies comes from different views toward status of women in society (compared with mens). In this new world, the presence of women in paintings has a special style which is full of disillusionment, depression, harshness, stress, lack of security and a state of being misused.
We are dealing with a new face to the presence of Kurdish women in the Middle East.
Explanation works: Kurdish warrior women in the Middle East
Oil on canvas
140 x 140 cm

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