Entry Title: "Morgue"
Marc Olthoff
, Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Photography, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

Generally speaking I try to create tantalising images that capture the viewers attention for much more than a quick glance. The story is often incomplete or contains an unexpected twist.

Stories is a series in which the viewer is placed in the position of a voyeur. He/she is witness a strange situation that was most likely not meant to become public. Typically the images show only part of the story, as there are often references to persons/items outside of the frame and or expected elements missing. Inside the frame there may be elements that trigger questions. All this invites the viewer to think and wonder about what she/he is actually seeing, what it means and in the end complete the story with his/her own thoughts.

The viewers creative process to complete or explain the story is an essential part of this series.

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