Entry Title: "The Heterogeneous Residence"
Shu-Lin Yang
, Taipei City,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

This project in concentrated on the design for living room, where the white arch couch, grey-mirror wall, red oil paintings, and the painting of sky on the round ceiling, transform the bright daytime space into a lounge area at night, the design presenting the duality with distinct styles. Lily, the ladys name, is used for designing the swift TV wall, which functions as the boundary between the living room and dining room. The spaces are rearranged efficiently by means of the light-food bar extended from the wall.
In the main bedroom, the exotic atmosphere is created by furnishing with mirror ceiling, cow-leather carpet, and leather walls. The double-layered windowsill creates a lounge couch embedded with hidden storage space, the design meeting the major requirements from the client. By means of elaborate interchanging the different materials and mechanisms, the designer built the residence into a place with memorable stories.

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