Entry Title: "Dream Dairy Farm Restaurant"
, Tokyo,Japan
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

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Forest of Light and Lattice
A restaurant built on a farm surrounded by a lush forest(renovate an old wooden cottage).

The three-dimensional white lattice nesting above the beams of the existing wooden structure forms the canopy of a forest that brings together the old and the contemporary by suggesting the superimposition of time and space.

Whether this transmutation of light occurs in a dynamic or subtle manner, the resulting expressions offer an ever-changing shower of light that can be fully experienced depending on where one is standing and looking to.

The shape of pendant lighting appear to depict drops of milk dripping from the canopy .
By superimposing time and space , the repeated entwinement of lattice and light offers a mystic illumination and the spatial experience of penetrating into a deep forest.

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