Entry Title: "On Cloud Nine"
Iuan Kai Fang
, Taipei City,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

This project designer use diverse Chinese allusions metaphor Chinese food culture and try to make customers come to understand the importance of culture continuity. Passing the entrance, a running waterfall down from the ceiling, the circular tubes with hand drawing like the subtle gradation of clouds develop in parallel. The stage effect lights project the name of restaurant onto circular tube curtains. The contrast of light and shade create the view of wreathed mist, establishing the scenic theme and conception. The designer turns the figure of book box into the partitions and pendant lamps. Qin and Han dynasties, people used a special pot called Fu to cook, a symbol of ancestors wisdom. The designer transformed the figure of Fu into the pendant lamps. When consumers enjoy delicious cuisine, through stories of ancient times, they are getting both physical and spiritual nutrition from their culture.

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