Entry Title: "Jardim Parque"
"Torres & Bello Architects" "Arcki"
, -Porto Alegre,Brazil
Category and Expertise: Architectural Design, Professional

Entry Description:

The Jardim Parque Project, located in Southern Brazil, has plans inspired by the top of the trees of the park in front of it seeking dialogue with its surroundings through a constant play of lights and shadows.
The building is defined by two opposing volumes: a horizontal base that develops through the topography, where the shopping areas area located; and a vertical tower, where the residential units open to the park.
Horizontal planes define the residential building, which alternates into slices of different sizes and shapes forming social spaces and providing a sense of continuity between the inside and the outside, creating a vertical village with its differentiations. Its balconies also act as huge brise-soleils, shading the facade.
The base is composed of two parts: shops at street level and offices on the next level. The stores follow the topography, detaching them from the offices just above, giving the illusion that most of the

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