Entry Title: "2015"
Maya Gelfman
, Israel
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

The series is comprised of gallery installations and street murals.
Large-scale yet delicate works depicting a flock taking to flight.
The yarn birds, fluently suspended in mid-air, ascend from balls of yarn or a tangle of wool. Each bird strives to rise while tied by a single thread. The balls and tangle mirror the flock and inevitably tether it to the earth and to its source.
The choice of yarn is at the core of the work both aesthetically and conceptually, since it metaphorically suggests that these weights can be loosened through actions and movement.
Both the birds and their weights are made of the same material.
What creates them might also destroy them, what can unravel them also grants them wings.
This duality outlines the desire to break free and move forward as opposed to the things that hold us back - be them political, geographical, socio-economical or gender-based.

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