Entry Title: "Transformations"
Maya Gelfman
, Israel
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

The series is comprised of two installations - SHELL and WINGS, each a stage in an evolution of a shared myth. The images brings to mind pieces of flesh, woman-made wings and a warm womb. Both structured around an initial fetus form (myself) and tailored accordingly.
The "bones" are made using iron net and twisted cloth hangers, and weaved through and through with thread plumage (more than 300,000 pieces of yarn and thousand hand drawn feathers, respectively).
Through this painstaking, meticulous process the works are transformed from lines and layers into organisms that can sustain a memory of life, a metaphysical pocket of creation itself.
This configuration holds a memory of a body and invites the spectator (a new body) to burrow in, literally, and experience an intimate space of synthesis of past and present.

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