Entry Title: " "The Lyngbakr""
Gabriella Barouch
, Givatayim,Israel
Category and Expertise: Illustration, Professional

Entry Description:

"The Lyngbakr" was made for group exhibition Imaginary Menagerie: Vol. III in Arch Enemy Arts gallery. The Lyngbakr is is the name of a massive whale-like sea monster reported in the rvar-Odds saga to have existed in the Greenland Sea. According to the saga, Lyngbakr would bait seafarers by posing as a heather-covered island, and when a crew landed on his back, he sank into the sea, drowning the crew.

About the exhibition:
Imaginary Menagerie: Vol. III group exhibition April 1st 30th, 2016 On 4/1, AEA returns with the newest edition of its highly acclaimed Imaginary Menagerie series. The Arch Enemy Arts official guide to cryptozoology adds 16 additional artists, each using their own unique creative style to render and breathe new life into ancient legends and fabled mythological beasts.

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