Entry Title: "Improvised Syncopation"
Lien-Wu Chen
, Taipei,Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

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Entry Description:

A sense of musicality is installed into the living space for the apartment owner with a love for classical music. It transforms notes and rhythm into spatial lines and colours.

Inspired by the composition of Chopins Fantasie-Impromptu, musicality evolves that corresponds with space.

Taking the basic idea of improvisation in music as a starting point, the open spaces in the background make wide use of white wall areas. Metallic stripes with irregular spaces between them syncopate the spaces and at the same time encompass them in a repeated manner. This has an effect similar to spontaneous syncopations in musical accompaniment or to the strings of musical instruments. They thus create a spatial atmosphere of calmness and lightness. Movable furniture and the main wall with their characteristic colored areas and patterns convey the main melody of fancy romanticism.

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