Entry Title: "Identity PAssporT"
patrizia dottori
, Rome,Italy
Category and Expertise: Installation, Professional

Entry Description:

Identity PAssporT
This is the first work of a project over the identity concept.
I placed in a Russian passport souvenir bought in Memento Park (made of words, visas, watermarked images which are turning to the history of communist Hungary, also in a comical key), self adhesive visas, images and words with wich I have been politically formed.
It wants to be the memory of my political history of the people who have inspired me starting from those world leaders who, albeit in different ways , continue to determine my daily decisions of life , my thoughts and my gaze towards the future. Browse the passport is like leafing through the pages of our memory, our desires, our expectations , our disappointments.
At the moment I'm working on Cuban, American, Palestinian passports. Each passport also includes the possibility to insert, in part, data, phrases and images of who buys it.

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