Entry Title: "Cableflor"
Lee Cooper
, United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Product Design, Professional

Entry Description:

I designed Cableflor to overcome cable management issues on display stands.
It is a lightweight, portable and modular system and I supply it in 1m squares for rapid installation. It is only 2cm high and it is a single component system, so there are no bits to lose and it can be assembled by anyone. Simply remove one of the modules wherever you want your cable to surface.
This summer I launched a frosted version, which looks fabulous with LED lights underneath, plus I finally worked out how to print direct to it without it scratching off with footfall.
All the ranges are interchangeable, so you can mix and match different colours and finishes to create areas. We can also make it to custom colours.
I've recently been able to work on this project full time and I intend to target retail display, exhibitions and events.

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