Entry Title: "MIKADO universal towelrail"
"Ivo Nysten" "Wim Grommen"
, Belgium
Category and Expertise: Interior Design, Professional

Entry Description:

A universal wall mounted towel rail which can be used in combination with all kinds of horizontal and vertical radiators ( towel dryer) or without radiator. Inspired on the Mikado game, the main part is a thin wooden stick, which can be mounted to the walls - or furniture - with only one or with two wall fixings which can be positioned wherever you like it. Fixings in aluminium, lacquered or in chrome, in 3 lenghts, sticks in 2 lenghts in oak, wallnut or maple and small schrink sleeves in different colours: endless design posibilities to create your own Mikado. Mikado is a user-friendly design product, which does not need an installation manual, only a lot of insparation to discover all posibilities !

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