Entry Title: "Play Planetarium"
Amy Charman
, United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Environmental Design, Professional

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Bosvigo School in Truro wanted an outdoor shelter. Amy was disillusioned with the same old red and green plastic play areas, and working with them provided something truly unique. What makes it fascinating is that it is the first time anybody has created a classroom that kids can climb all over, sit inside for quiet contemplation, or join with the class in a lesson. Amy's dedication, commitment to extraordinary design and to the highest quality craftsmanship has quickly resulted in Overall winner Gold, in the primary teacher awards. The design is beautiful as well as multi-functional with the jaw dropping surprise as you go inside to find, the amazing effect of the night sky depicted by holes in the panels, allowing light to shine through. She launched her company a week after her second child was born, determined to storm the market with unique high quality play equipment design.

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