Entry Title: "The Ghetto Tarot"
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Entry Description:

What does it mean to live in a ghetto? I set out to challenge that idea through a series of portraits that transform Port-au-Prince residents into a living deck of tarot cards. With costumes and props created entirely from found and recycled objects as well as the artwork of the Haitian artist group Aits Rezistans, the project is meant to showcase the creativity and ingenuity of the Haitian people, as well as change the narrative of dependence and victimization.

The project also works to reclaim the word "ghetto." To the artists who live and work there, "ghetto" doesn't just represent poverty and disadvantage, the word represents community, family, solidarity, strength, and rich creativity. The word reached the island from overseas, where its connotation was associated with racism, poverty, and exclusion. They are liberating themselves of this unfavorable interpretation and turning it into something beautiful.

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