Entry Title: "Blind Sight"
Monica Takvam
, United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

Forming part of a larger ongoing project on blindness and perception, these works of photographs seek to explore sight and self-image. Working in a more tactile approach to photography, I question how perception influences us.

A participatory approach is important to my work, and through portraiture and sensory outputs as part of the final result, I have been focussing my work on the face, the tactile, the gaze/non-gaze and closeness.

I asked the person portrayed to describe someone close to them that they have never seen with their eyes. I then transcribe their description in Braille on top of the photograph. The Braille forms holes in the frosted surface, and you see only see fragmented details of the person described. In this process, the viewer of the work becomes part of the study.

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