Entry Title: "The Shifting Shine"
Laima KavaliauskaitÄ—
, Lithuania
Category and Expertise: Photography, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

Today women are hostages of beauty industry, therefore many of them takes a step towards drastic changes in appearance which later causes many various problems. The Shifting Shine is an experimental lightning project. The concept of a this new tendency was created as a resistance in order to break the old rules of beauty and forget about constant self-upgrading. This new experimental method suggests correcting or decorating womens appearance using light and dark with no interactivity options available. Womens appearance in this conceptual project was used in slightly unusual way in order to raise a question is it beautiful, or is it not? What is beauty in general? We are seeking to draw attention to this unconventional way of focusing on womens body and its visual transformation using light and dark.

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