Entry Title: "Boi Boi is Dead"
Francisco Rodriguez-Weil
, London,United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Performance, Professional

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Story: Left alone to rebuild her life, Miriams heartache is interrupted when Boi Bois reckless ex-wife Stella and traditionalistic brother show up to stake their claim on his name, on his property and to revel in the glory of his fame. Determined to keep her family together, Miriams life is thrown into turmoil when Stella discovers the secret she shared only with Boi Boi.
Description: Set in Africa, the set's main focal point was a BP backdrop with very slowly changing lighting. The almost imperceptible changes aloud for subconscious changes of mood and impressions. The sets design was based on emotional estate of the characters and not a realistic representation of the space, emotionally inspired distorted shapes that created a surreal atmosphere as seen from the character' point of view indicated the space the action was taking place in. Houses could be moved and used as furniture and to create spaces.

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