Entry Title: "Empatia immobile - A study between self-censorship and Art"
Donatella Arione
, Guarene,Italy
Category and Expertise: Photography, Professional

Entry Description:

We hide ourselves, we censure ourselves everyday because often we are scared by us.
Humans can repress,restrain,themselves.
With this project I would like to study the visual relationship between our daily human self-censorships, and our instinct that allow us to focus our feeling and our repression in Art.
A sort of empathy in the name of the Art, the relationship between our self-repression and the way in which we send it out of us by making Art and observing Art.
I think that with my project Im doing the same thing, because I need to put away from me my self-censorship, I need to see freedom in my own world. My Art is my voice, my eyes are searching that kind of empathy,without fears.
Because every body needs a face: every time we censure ourselves, we lose a part of us.
And what about you? Look here, did you felt something familiar inside you?

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