Entry Title: "Sofa Tent"
Yi Teng Shih, Yuxiang Sun, University of Nottingham Ningbo
, China
Category and Expertise: Product Design, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

Kids always build tent at home with material that they can found, like chair and curtain, but these tent can be very unstable and uncomfortable, so we came up with this idea. The tent sofa can be used as a normal kid sofa when it is not extended, while it is extended, it can be a place for the kids to play. Kids can read, play and rest inside, and they can regard that place as their own space. The sofa tent can be divided into two major parts, including upper and lower parts. When extending it, flip the upper part to the front, and raise both of the frames for the cover cloth, and the magnet inside the frame will be together.

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