Entry Title: "Bristol 93"
ROLF Spectacles Roland Wolf, Martin Iljazovic, Marija Iljazovic, Christian Wolf
, Austria
Category and Expertise: Product Design, Professional

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The Bristol 93 from the evolved collection in bog oak-walnut combines love for design, fascination for natural materials and passion for craftsmanship and innovative technologies. The frame is noble and sleek, for the elegant man with a sense of understatement. The design reminds of a classic, stately English car with its pure elegance and its high-quality finish. The unique features include the characteristic wooden hinge and the special lens-glazing system. ROLF frames have no screws or metal, are extremely light, comfortable to wear, easy-care, maintenance-free and suitable for allergy sufferers. Continuous development and pioneering spirit are the foundation of the company's philosophy and are apparent in each of the 82 production steps. Each frame is produced in the in-house manufactory in Tirol with the aim to create the perfect eyewear regarding durability, comfort and look. These requirements demand highest craftsmanship, innovative production technologies and the best in eyewear design.

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