Entry Title: "Presentation Board for Design Students"
Yi Teng Shih, Yuxiang Sun, University of Nottingham Ningbo
, China
Category and Expertise: Product Design, Professional

Entry Description:

Conventional boards for displaying posters cannot stand alone and very difficult to move around. Meanwhile, some sketch models or small models also need to be displayed at the same time, while conventional boards have no place to display them. This new designed presentation board has four wheels at the bottom, which make it easy to move and stand alone. Moreover, the foot support the wheels do not have the same height, which allows the boards can be placed cross each other. As well as saving space when storing them. On the lower part of both sides of the board, a small foldable plate was implemented respectively. When scaled models need to be displayed, the plate can be supported by a rotating bar in the middle of the board, and the scaled models can be placed on it.

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