Entry Title: "Turning of the dead"
, Madagascar
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Entry Description:

Madagascar, the island of spirits.
In Malagasy highlands, there is a tradition: "the turning of the dead."
According to local belief, the dead become ancestors. They are spirits that protect the living.
As in all civilizations, when a person dies, the Malagasy also mourn their deaths. Grief is as painful as it is a physical separation.
However, a few years after the burial, the bodies are removed from the tomb to be wrapped with new shrouds. In contrast to the funeral, the ceremony is a big party.
During 2-3 days, the family members, friends, neighbors are partying to show their gratitude to the ancestors. This is an opportunity for the living to find the family members who left in the afterlife.
In fact, the ceremony is a way of thanking them for their protection, to honor them.

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