Entry Title: "Primavera Gesture, Line Derivation Series"
Mitch Fry
, -Scottsdale,United States
Category and Expertise: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:

I look at wood as an ancient primary material used by the first thinking humans for utility and eventually beauty. This connection highlights the privilege and responsibility of working this material of finite source and infinite flexibility.
My sculptural mission with wood could be described as a journey of organizing larger sculptural statements out of small increments. This method of construction goes back to my artistic beginnings as a necessity: Have little, waste nothing.
For the Line Derivation Series, the process is to dissect a wood timber into small exact pieces, then to re-erect it back into a timber, with a new energetic form. The process includes respecting the order, grains and character hidden in the layers.
The efforts flow across the wall: Some like a melody, others like a raw emotion.
The sculptures could be seen to reflect ourselves as integers, small pieces of our complex, contemporary world.

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