Entry Title: "Giving Ground"
David K. Wagner
, Charlotte,United States
Category and Expertise: Sculpture, Professional

Entry Description:


In a world that is increasingly dominated by inhuman displacement and humanitarian crises; a world where reprisal and retaliation are the operative modes to deal with conflict, can a public space possibly be created to respond to this disruptive paradigm?

This project suggests a physical model, a panacea of collective discourse. A place to bring words of comfort and solace to a world audience.

A garden of words.

In an age of media domination and visual stimuli, the capability of words to carry forth a message is less certain, but more important than ever.

The power of words to evoke a response, make them, in a sense, larger than life. Thus, the dynamic of words visually expressed,
can energize them and illuminate their reality, making them a positive force.

Words have a longer life than deeds.
They are worth much and cost little.

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