Entry Title: "Promethean Illusions"
Rachel Doolin
, Ireland
Category and Expertise: Sculpture, Non-Professional/Student

Entry Description:

Explorations of nature in this epoch of human influence are the focus of my practice. Modern technology, mass production and the utilitarian application of science have paved the way for a new or next nature. Humans are no longer passive observers of nature but through realms of genetic engineering and biotechnology have become active choreographers of nature, meaning that the very concept of nature as a comprehendible category is becoming further remote. My work, Promethean Illusions incorporates three interconnecting pieces Weeds, Sponges and Nests. The plasticized organisms and biomorphic species are manmade artifices that attempt to mimic natural phenomena. They lure the viewer into an illusionary world that strives for perfection in its manufactured form, thus transforming into a metaphorical play on perceptions of growth. Ultimately, my work poses the question: How can we define or locate nature in a world that is increasingly dominated by productivity.

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